Downlight LED 10W 112-97 mm ISSOP


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The 10W 4000K Circular White LED Downlight Spotlight Cut 112-97 mm is a very versatile product that will allow us to direct the light towards specific points depending on the needs of the moment, providing significant savings in electricity consumption. Characteristics of the 10W Circular White LED Downlight Focus Cut 112-97 mm It incorporates a LED optic with a total power of 10W with which we obtain a luminosity of 1500lm, enough to replace conventional spotlights of up to 50W. The high-quality light it emits is focused at an angle of 60º.

With External Driver system. Made of Aluminum and PC with a very elegant finish. Its installation is very simple and only requires a 112-97mm cut in the surface where it will be embedded. By choosing LED lighting, without planned obsolescence, we not only choose to save on the electricity bill, but we opt for a more ecological technology, of a higher quality and with a much longer duration than traditional lighting systems, including conventional LED technology. All the features of this LED lighting product make it perform well. Ideal for use in interior spaces, such as corridors, bathrooms, kitchens, halls or stairs.

Other features are mercury-free production, minimal start-up time (<; 1 second - up to 100% brightness) as well as low heat emission. Characteristics:

  • High efficiency LED technology, energy label D, maximum efficiency, up to 85% energy savings (25% savings compared to conventional LED technology).
  • Extremely long lifespan of up to 400,000 hours.
  • Low UV and thermal radiation.
  • Manufactured without mercury.
  • Power factor >; 0.58.
  • Lamp luminous flux maintenance ≥85 average lifespan.

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